About Heist

Introducing Heist!
Owned and loved by Emily Skinkle
AKA: Nicknames: Heisty, Monkey, Bubbi

Accomplishments: being a model puppy in puppy class, being the challenge in agility, winning over "non-dog people"

Likes: KIDS!!! Peanut butter, shrimp, Big Red (his giant red stuffed dog he brings EVERYWHERE), red peacock crunch-n-tug, swimming...life.

Dislikes: goldendoodles, lounging in the morning, being fed late

Heist was an outgoing, fearless pup.  He was always ready to venture to new, undiscovered parts of the yard and house.  Now grown up, Heist is Emily's demo dog in the training classes she teaches.  Heist has proven that he can have fun and be silly and still perform like a champ in Obedience AND Agility. 

In Emily's words: "He draws people in. No matter where we go, we get comments. Many of them refer to how much he looks like a pop culture dog (Mr. Muggs, Gravy Train dog, Shaggy Dog). Some people fall in love with his coat, others fall in love with his smile. He emits happy energy, and that makes other people happy. That being said, he's a button pusher. He lives for getting a rise out of the people around him."

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