About Jersey

Power Tripp's Jersey Girl
OFA Good

Jersey is confident, brave and outgoing.  She also has a nice offswitch.  Jersey has already started her Flyball training and amazes her owner daily by how quickly she catches on to the game.

As said by her owner Melissa: In the past 2 years that I’ve spent with Jersey we’ve tried our hands at a variety of sports and in each sport she gives 110% of herself. We’ve competed and titled in flyball, both NAFA and UFli, we are fine tuning our agility training to compete in 2011, we’ve entered a few dock diving competitions where her longest jump was 15.5’, we’ve done lure coursing for fun, and we’ve tried our hands at herding where she is a natural on sheep. There is nothing this little girl won’t do! When we aren’t competing we go for walks/hikes, run at the park, or go swimming-she’s a water nut! At home she is incredibly easy to live with a wonderful off switch that can be flipped on with the word “Ready?”. She’s a big mama’s girl but loves everyone and everything. She’s incredibly sweet and warms her way into your heart and lap with a smile. She has a comical side but very serious when it’s time to work. I really couldn’t ask for anything more in her.

Click here to see Jersey's weave poles after just two weeks of training!

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