About Kismet

Introducing Kismet!
FKA: Dice (this was her litter name)

Likes: Attention (any Kind), Swimming (maybe just water in general), Herding cats, retrieving tennis balls, rides in the car, her dog friends, long walks in the woods, her crate, supper both hers and her sisters, riding on an atv

Dislikes: anything that goes 'beep' (Laptop computer, Microwave oven etc.), the dark (she won't go out in the dark without a body guard) airplanes at night, grooming 

Activities: completed beginner agility, completed intermediate agility

Kismet was a quieter puppy, a little more reserved than the rest of the litter....but now she is a bouncy, outgoing, happy-go-lucky girl with energy to burn.  Kismet spends her days playing with the family's other dog, a full bred Bearded Collie, on their 4 acre property. 

As said by her owners: "Kismet is a charming and devoted dog, quick to learn and willing to please. She is a great addition to our family."

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