About this breeding...

Power Tripp Place Your Bets 'Toss' x PWRTRIPP Mission

To be bred Fall of 2019

Mission is a full litter sister to Grit, daughter of Proof and half sister to Made. Breeding her to Toss will hopefully produce both amazing temperaments as well as unstoppable athleticism. As individuals, Mission and Toss both encompass what it means to be a kind, social dog who can switch from snuggling on the couch to taking on a task at the drop of a dime. Mission does some really great work on stock and will hopefully take up some trialing over the next year or so but she's also working on her dock diving and Frisbee skills. Toss is currently showing off his precision in Obedience and power in Flyball. 

Mission is OFA Good, Elbows/shoulders Normal, BAER Normal, DNA Normal for CEA/MDRI/NCL/CM and a carrier for TNS/IGS/SN

Toss is OFA Good, Elbows/shoulders Normal, BAER NOrmal and DNA Normal for CEA/MDRI/TNS/SN/IGS/DM/CM

Currently accepting reservations and deposits on this breeding. Contact me for more information.


Power Tripp Place Your Bets


AKC- DN45411607 OFA Good, Elbows/shoulders normal CEA/TNS/IGS/SN/DM/MDR1 BAER Normal

Kennelly's Robber from Bonnidune


DN19472701 OFA Excellent, CEA DNA Normal

Cap Of Killiebrae (ISDS 266571)


CERF Normal, CEA DNA Normal, hips 3/7

Dolwen Chips (ISDS 194883)


CEA Normal

AKC Ch Bonnidune Front Paige News HXAs


OFA Good, CEA Normal, CERF Normal, black and white rough coat

DC WTCh HTCh Kennelley's Bandit (USBCHA Nursery Finalist)


OFA Excellent, CEA Normal, Elbows Normal, CERF Normal

Augustus McCray AKC DN18298001


CEA Normal

Tani Maras Bolee

ABCA 90545

Gold's Emerald

ABCA 166644

Visions Texas Elegance AKC DN16097301


OFA Good, CEA Normal



OFA Good, Shoulders and Elbows Normal CEA, DM, NCL, MDR1 Normal, BAER Normal SN, IGS, TNS Carrier

Llanfarian Fleet (ISDS 304862)


OFA Good, CEA DNA Carrier, TNS Normal, IGS Carrier

Jim (ISDS 277807) [Irl]


HD-A, CEA DNA Normal

5H Smokin' Gun FMX


CEA DNA Normal by parentage, OFA Excellent, TNS Carrier, IGS Normal ABCA 369729, AKC DN38477701

Hanson Jake ABCA 363627

OFA Good, CEA DNA Normal, TNS Carrier, B/W rough coated

Hanson Zac ABC 301792

Chris & Terry Hanson BC, Canada

Hanson Teak CBCA 6275

CBCA 6275 Chris Hanson BC, Canada

@Imp Astra Style ISDS 277219/ ABCA 333914

ISDS 277219 & ABCA 333914 Joyce Heibertshausen B/W/T rough coat DNA Normal for CEA Hips OFA Good

Imp Cap ISDS 266571

Kelly Whiteman Indiana B/W/T rough DNA Normal for cea/cl & tns BVA 3:7

Astra Bute ISDS 248719

Rough b/w tri DOB 30/12/1999 Miss JP Beale