About this breeding

Moss (ISDS 342840) X PWRTRIPP Mission

To be bred Fall of 2020

I've waffled on who to breed Mission to ever since we decided that we wanted to move ahead with breeding her this year...finally, a male that feels RIGHT has come along. Although Moss resides over in Ireland, I am lucky enough to have access to frozen semen through a friend in the US. I'm attracted to Moss for Mission because I think he will compliment her physcially, adding a bit more power, a bit more length of back and hopefully both of their great overall temperaments will produce the same thing in their pups. Moss' owner Pat says he is the most intelligent dog he has ever had the pleasure to work with...and that's saying a lot! 

Mission is OFA Good with Normal shoulders and elbows, BAER Normal, DNA normal for CEA/MDR1/CM/NCL and a carrier for TNS/IGS/SN

Moss is rated HD: A (hips) and is DNA normal for CEA/IGS/TNS/NCL.

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Moss (ISDS 342840)


P.Brynes Smooth black and white DNA Normal CEA/TNS/IGS/NCL

Int Brace Ch Sweep (ISDS 293085)


R.J. Hutchinson CEA Normal Reserve Surpreme Champion, English National Champion, vielfacher English National Brace sowie International Brace Champion & 3. am World Trial

Int Brace Ch Wenndale Roy (ISDS 274138)


R.J Hutchinson

Bill (ISDS 256353)


R.E Briggs

Wenndale Beth (ISDS 234329)


R.E. Briggs

Lyn (ISDS 271128)


R.J. Hutchinson

Cap (ISDS 242702)


M.K. France

Eryri Sian (ISDS 248052)


J.M. Hutchinson

Jim (ISDS 294861)

  1. Stevenson

Cap (ISDS 264369) [Irl]

  1. Stevenson

Jess (Unregistered)

Sweet (ISDS 313784)


Mrs. C. Thom

Sue (ISDS 281377)

  1. Mahon



OFA Good, Shoulders and Elbows Normal CEA, DM, NCL, MDR1 Normal, BAER Normal SN, IGS, TNS Carrier

Llanfarian Fleet (ISDS 376412)


OFA Good, CEA DNA Carrier, TNS Normal, IGS/SN Carrier

Jim (ISDS 277807) [Irl]


HD-A, CEA DNA Normal

5H Smokin' Gun FMX


CEA DNA Normal by parentage, OFA Excellent, TNS Carrier, IGS Normal ABCA 369729, AKC DN38477701

Hanson Jake ABCA 363627

OFA Good, CEA DNA Normal, TNS Carrier, B/W rough coated

Hanson Zac ABC 301792

Chris & Terry Hanson BC, Canada

Hanson Teak CBCA 6275

CBCA 6275 Chris Hanson BC, Canada

@Imp Astra Style ISDS 277219/ ABCA 333914

ISDS 277219 & ABCA 333914 Joyce Heibertshausen B/W/T rough coat DNA Normal for CEA Hips OFA Good

Imp Cap ISDS 266571

Kelly Whiteman Indiana B/W/T rough DNA Normal for cea/cl & tns BVA 3:7

Astra Bute ISDS 248719

Rough b/w tri DOB 30/12/1999 Miss JP Beale