About Nik

Power Tripp's Electric Energy, 'Nik'

I almost kept Nik myself because of his outgoing, bold personality...and because he was a major kissy face like his daddy! 

Nik has made his new home with the Fitzgerald Family of Burlington, Ontario.  Nik was returned to us at Power Tripp due to his owner taking ill and he came back just as the Fitzgeralds were discussing possibly adding a new dog to the household.  The Fitzgeralds had been "dogless" for several months after the sudden and tragic loss of their sweet, special boy Quincy to Lymphoma.  As life often goes, we met up so that the family could meet Nik and take him home for a few days to see if they would all get along.  Needless to say, he wasn't there for more than a few hours when they decided he would be staying!  (insert HUGE smiles here!!!) 

I couldn't be happier with the way this story turned out!  Nik will be spending his summers up north at the family cottage and enjoying lots and lots of swimming in the lake...sounds like the perfect life for ANY Power Tripp dog!!

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