About Phoebe

'Phoebe' CGC

Phoebe was the prettiest pup.  She also had a bit of a Barbie doll attitude too.  She has grown up to be a wonderful companion that is known for her ability to literally bounce 4 feet in the air from a stand still...and this is how she lets her owners know when she would like to get back in the house!

A recent update from her owners:  "Phoebe is a high energy dog who absolutely loves life and everything and everyone she comes in contact with. As much as she is excitable she is also an excellent playmate for our two grandchildren---offering up ropes for tug-a-war with the three year old and offering her bone to the toddler when he crawls up to her. A real "home body, Phoebe likes to stay close to us at all times and her heart is broken if left at home on her own. Clearly Phoebe's greatest joy in life is food. Meal times are greatly anticipated and she would never let you miss one.  Her most popular expression of happiness is her "bouncing". She jumps amazingly high but I guess that is the "Beardie" in her. Her BC traits come out when she wants to play with another dog as she stares intently and then stalks before playing and "herding".  Phoebe loves playing frisbee and glides through the air, sometimes at surprising heights. All in all she is a devoted companion."

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Photos of Phoebe