Our Promise...

It is commonplace for all breeders to boast the good points about their dogs, but good breeding also requires knowing, acknowledging and making a true effort to correct the 'not so good' stuff. These can include temperament flaws, structural faults and health concerns. There is no such thing as a perfect dog or a totally "clean" line of dogs. As a breeder, all I can do is determine where my own dogs need improvement and select mates that will compliment them and their qualities and support my goals for each individual pairing. If an issue does arise, I would much rather do what is needed to prevent a repeat of that issue instead of pretend it never happened. Ignorance, hiding the truth and "sweeping issues under the rug" only hurts the dogs in the end and the breaks hearts of owners. I am very open and forthcoming about any and all of my own dog's faults and flaws, as well as any produced in their offspring.

I promise to take the time to get to know ALL of my dogs; their likes, dislikes, abilities, weaknesses, strengths, personalities, quirks and everything in between.  I promise to never compromise their physical or mental well-being in the name of "breeding".  I promise every single one of them that I will give them the highest quality food, vet care, training and stable home life that I can possibly give.  My dogs are more than a pedigree.  More than the titles that they have earned.  More than a health tested animal that is "clear" for breeding.  More than the stunning, beautiful creatures in my photos. They are my family.  I know when they are happy, excited, sad, scared, sick, bored, tired and content.  I know them like no one else ever will.

 I will gladly and very openly discuss any known health concerns that have come up with any pup I have produced or that my dogs have sired.  Anyone who is interested or takes the time to ask about such issues deserves a personal response and a full and complete, unbiased answer. If you wish to ask questions, please do not hesitate.

Click this link to a read a word document containing as much health information as I've managed to collect from each litter I've produced over the years. 

It is my promise to our dogs, our breed, ourselves and our puppy owners to ALWAYS breed for the better.