Welcome to the home of Power Tripp Border Collies and Working Bearded Collies

Welcome to Power Tripp Border Collies and Working Bearded Collies! 

My name is Kim Russell and my passion for these two breeds has been a long standing one and one that I look forward to sharing with you! I encourage you to grab a coffee (or a beer!) and take your time to browse my website.  I have taken a lot of care to be very open and personal with my journey of being a breeder...though, I really prefer the term caretaker as there is SO MUCH more to this than just breeding dogs! Either way, I've included a lot of information as well as some great photos on this site that will hopefully enlighten you. 

My 'goal' when breeding a litter of either Border Collies or Working Beardies is to breed a dog who's overall temperament, work ethic, drive and structure is such that it would be conducive to their original purpose of working stock. These traits include: Biddability and a desire to work when asked but also the ability to 'turn off' when not working. A confident personality that allows the dog to be resilient and take reasonable pressure/stress without having melt down or requiring excessive cheerleading. The drive and push to keep trying when they make a mistake. Some grit and edge to step up in the face of something that might be considered challenging without being wreckless, being thoughtful and brave are a nice combination... and a body built to carry all of that attitude, drive and willingness as far as it needs too.