About Classic

Imp. Bluemoon Class 

DOB: June 27, 2019 

OFA Good, shoulders/elbows normal

Optimal Selection DNA results 

Classic is everything her name stands for. A work driven, people loving, beautifully marked and built ‘classic’ Border Collie. Classic is bred by Deb Kelly of Bluemoon Border Collies in Australia. From the minute I laid eyes on her, I knew I had to have her. From the time she arrived in the California airport and bee-bopped out of her crate asking “what's next” as we boarded yet another long flight across the US to Buffalo, NY…she has been nothing short of a class act. She has amazing feel for her sheep and a strong desire to do things right. She is as honest as they come and has forgiven me time and time again for my novice handling. Initially started mostly by my good friend and trainer, Paul Batz, we have really come together as a team over the last year and a half and I really hope to make it to the pro novice field with her by the end of 2024. 

Classic has given us two incredible litters of pups, one with VH Nick and another with Imp. Jpot Jock. ALL of her puppies possess her absolute love of humans, especially children, as well as her natural ability on stock. They are also showing great promise in other venues like agility, obedience and disc. 

Classic will soon be spayed so that we can focus solely on our adventures and training together without further interruptions of motherhood. 


Seemework Key SKK REGV1106/2008


HD-A, CEA/IGS Normal

Int. Sup Ch Joe ISDS 272330


HD-A, CEA normal International Supreme Champion 2006 Scottish National Champion 2009 and 2011 2010 Royal Welsh Show 'Champion of Champions' winner

Cap (ISDS 248938) [Irl]

Meg (ISDS 255715) [Irl]

Meg (ISDS 249302)

Ben (ISDS 243349)

Nan (ISDS 232517)

Crisp (N14234) Swe


Tiko (N 42396/91)

Cindy (N 5641/91) Nor

Bwlch Hemp ISDS 201604


Rough B/W, T Mrs. C.S. Rundle

Dolwen Fan ISDS 201083


Rough B/W, Tri Mrs. C. Rundle

Bluemoon Gael

ABCA/ISDS OFA Excellent, Elbows/Shoulders/Spine normal CEA, TNS, IGS, DM, CL MDR1, CLNC1, PLL, SN Glaucoma & Raines

Bond ABCA 361442


DNA CL,TNS, SN Normal, CEA Carrier, Hips AVA 3 = OFA Excellent/International A1 Elbows normal, 535mm/21"tall

Alvaglen Tuffy AWBC 0446


Smooth B/W

Helena Sailor AWBC 0158

Walladin Bobbie AWBC 0446

Lindsay's Nutty AWBC 0443

Blackbrook Bonnie Lass AWBC 0302

Woolly's Gracie ABCA 435212



Biralee Sonny AWBC 0411

Taddymoor Bob ISDS 283119

Prince's Julie AWBC 0821

Woolly's Jan 2nd AWBC 0337

Woolly's Ted AWBC 0035

Woolly's Magneta AWBC 0033