About Stash...

Power Tripp Homegrown Stash RPT, CGC, FDCh-G
AKA: 'Stash', P-stash-io, Stashy 
DOB: August 4th, 2006

OFA Excellent  BCO-7449E25F-VPI, Optigen CEA DNA Normal (09-5110), CERF Normal
18" tall, 28lbs


Stash is absolutely adorable and SO happy!  Stash is following in her parents footsteps and becoming a multi-talented performance dog.  She has the intense focus and drive we expect from our dogs. Stash is a fantastic Disc Dog with speed, accuracy and great catching skills. Flyball came naturally to Stash and her times in the racing lanes prove that size doesn't matter! She is running consistantly at 4.1-4.2. At home she is love bug that will sleep on the couch for hours until there is something to do and then she's ready to go and go.  She has a great "woo woo" welcome bark when guests arrive and then leaps straight up to eye level for a kiss on the nose (not so good for unsuspecting visitors!!).  
Stash has been a mum to 10  puppies in 3 litters and all are very healthy, happy dogs that are enjoying Flyball, Agility, Disc Dog, Herding and Dock Jumping

Stash x NRG- Born January 20, 2009
Stash x Cagen- Born September 11, 2011

Stash x Cagen- Born March 19, 2013


Power Tripp Homegrown Stash RPT, CGC, FDCh-S

AKC DN24179401 CBCA B 5000759 OFA Excellent BCO-7449E25F-VPI, CEA DNA Normal, CERF Normal 2010

FDGCh Hollowshot Trippin' On Sunshine RPT, ADD, DDCh, TDI, CGC, NA

AKC DN00487107 CBCA B 5000237 OFA Good, CEA DNA Normal, CERF clear

Hollowshot Phantom Wisp

DL77863701 B/W

Mobella Glen

ISDS 175323


ISDS 152389

Mobella Country Lad

EKC S3844806503 B/W

Mobella True Blue

EKC R3761101R03

CH Hollowshot Fen

AKC DL76580301


ISDS 179476

Hollowshot Tibbie

ISDS 168877

Hollowshot Pip

ABCA 29753

Mobella Glen

ISDS 175323

Hollowshot Nell

ABCA 28528


ISDS 266961 CBCA 3032 OFA Good CERF Normal AKC DN06463903 ABCA 322717

Mirk ISDS 236541 A. MacCuish

ISDS 236541 A. MacCuish

Glen (ROM) ISDS 212551 A. MacCuish

Tanya ISDS 209705 I. Monroe

Astra Bet ISDS 224920 J.P. Beale

Jim ISDS 207736 J.P. Beale

Gwen ISDS 194978 J.P. Beale

Hope ISDS 158875 J. Mackillop

Jan ISDS 145034 N. Rattray

ISDS 145034 N. Rattray

Jaz ISDS 199614 Sandra MacCorquodale

Gyp ISDS 190551 A. Haddow