About this litter...

Power Tripp Place Your Bets 'Toss' x Kilt 

Introducing the Whiskey litter: Johnnie Walker, Jack Daniel, Fireball and Teeling. 

Kilt had four beautiful babies on Friday, May 7/21. Two males and two females! This litter is fully reserved. 

 Temperaments to die for, biddability to do it all and the power to do it well! These two dogs stand for everything I look for when it comes to temperament, biddability and the willingness to give it their all. Both are so very easy to live with but also turn it ALL on when in work mode. They are oozing with heart and would die trying to do anything their owners asked of them. 

Toss is trained for both Flyball and Herding and Kilt is a stellar dock jumper! Both have puppies starting out in just about every venue and they are all showing great promise. 

Toss is OFA Good with Normal shoulders/elbows, CERF Normal, BAER Normal and DNA clear on the full breed panel including EAOD. 

Kilt is OFA Excellent with Normal shoulders/elbows, CERF normal, BAER Normal, CEA/EAOD carrier

This combo will produce wonderful all around great dogs that are easy to live with.

Poppet, owned and loved by Nolan Ring

Hope, owned and loved by Kristy Gunther

Orion, owned and loved by Emily Broman

Lorde, owned and loved by Sherry Kingsnorth

Power Tripp Place Your Bets


AKC- DN45411607 OFA Good, Elbows/shoulders normal CEA/TNS/IGS/SN/DM/MDR1 BAER Normal

Kennelly's Robber from Bonnidune


DN19472701 OFA Excellent, CEA DNA Normal

Imp Cap ISDS 266571

Kelly Whiteman Indiana B/W/T rough DNA Normal for cea/cl & tns BVA 3:7

Dolwen Chips ISDS 194883

Miss J.P. Beale B/W/T rough 94/96 Int Driving Ch

Jill ISDS 245915

  1. Topley R Henderson Scotland

AKC Ch Bonnidune Front Paige News HXAs


OFA Good, CEA Normal, CERF Normal, black and white rough coat

DC WTCh HTCh Kennelley's Bandit (USBCHA Nursery Finalist)


OFA Excellent, CEA Normal, Elbows Normal, CERF Normal

Augustus McCray AKC DN18298001


CEA Normal

Tani Maras Bolee

ABCA 90545

Gold's Emerald

ABCA 166644

Visions Texas Elegance AKC DN16097301


OFA Good, CEA Normal



ISDS 347630/CBCA 14738/ABCA 445700/AKC DN51677501 OFA Excellent, Elbows/shoulders normal, CEA Carrier, DM/IGS/MDR1/NCL/TNS normal

Taff ISDS 326074

  1. Doherty, Argyll and Bute

Cap 00/309993

D D Campbell

Cap 270159

J M Gallagher 2010 Int. Supreme Ch 2011 World Ch 3rd, IntSu 4th

Glencregg Bess 289413

A P Gallagher

Nell 00/292896

D D Campbell

Rock 275437

J K Kennedy

Nell 280821

R M Munro

Nell ISDS 333925

L G Dickson, Scalpsie Farm, Isle of Bute

Joe 272330

R Dalziel 2006 Int Supreme Ch 2011 S. Team 1st, E. Br 1st

Diona 287396

K Piert

Kite 00/325501

L.M Gast

Wenndale Roy 274138

R J Hutchinson 2011 IntBr 1st 2010 IntBr 1st, E.Br 1st

Homeland Jan 00/293426

R J Hutchinson