About this breeding...

x Kesa's Gladys CGC 

We welcomed five bouncing baby boys into the world on Thursday May 20, 2010.  

I could not have been happier with this litter.  These boys were beyond perfect.  Confident, social, outgoing, BEAUTIFUL bodies and personality galore!!  

Please take the time to visit each of their individual pages.

Meet the pups...

Pedigree for Gladys x Reign pups

Gladys X Reign pups

Imp. Reign

ABCA 320406 PennHIP .30/.30 CEA DNA Normal

Int. Sup Ch Llangwm Bob

ISDS 224454 Hip score 3/4


ISDS 188967 b/w tri

Moss (ISDS 133525)

Nora (ISDS 142296)

Nell (ISDS 171678)

Int Sup Ch Davy (ISDS 131049)

Bwlch Nell (ISDS 126948)

Astra Taff

ISDS 246308 Hip score 4:8 b/w rough

Dolwen Chips (ISDS 194883)


CEA Normal

Astra Meg (ISDS 222926)

Jess (ISDS 225301)

Jet (ISDS 216812) [Ir]

Nell (ISDS 212261) [Ir]

Kesa's Gladys CGC

OFA Good, CERF normal

Imp Roy

ISDS 276680 OFA Excellent CEA DNA Normal


ISDS 224648

Dick (ISDS 174159)

Nell (ISDS 158159) [Ir]


ISDS 259460

Roy (ISDS 219046) [Ir]

Dot (ISDS 252793) [Ir]

Kesa's Bluzy Jazz FDX, BDD, DD, CGC

CBCA B5000421 CERF Normal Hips Normal

FDGCh Hollowshot Trippin' On Sunshine RPT, ADD, DDCh, TDI, CGC, NA

AKC DN00487107 CBCA B 5000237 OFA Good, CEA DNA Normal, CERF clear

Hollowshot Phantom Wisp

DL77863701 B/W

CH Hollowshot Fen

AKC DL76580301

Rival's Sara CGC, BDD, DD

CBCA 1502 OVC Hips Normal CERF Clear


CBCA 393

Rival's Mica