About this litter...

Imp. Ravensbrook Chrome

x Rival's Sudden Blackout at Power Tripp FM, MBDX 

Shayde's puppies were born on February 13, 2014.  After delivering her first puppy naturally, the second one got stuck and off the vet we went for  a c-section.  Three pups were delivered via cesarean section for a total of two boys and two girls. 

 This litter turned out even nicer than I could have hoped for.  ALL puppies were confident, bold, drivey and oh so sweet.  Their structure is equally as wonderful!!  Keep an eye out for these pups as they grow, they are going to make a their mark in their chosen venues!

Shayde is OFA Excellent and CEA DNA normal 
Chrome is OFA Good, CEA DNA Carrier and CERF clear

Arrow...owned by Sarah Hardison

Jake...Owned by Jane Cardillo

Spunk...owned by Linda Dickenson

Kimba...owned by Claudia Kwiathowski

Pedigree for Shayde x Chrome pups

Shayde x Imp. Chrome pups

Ravensbrook Chrome

CEA DNA Carrier, Medium coat Black & White, born 10 Nov 2010

Zac ISDS 263935

Rough Red & White, born 4 Mar 2003, CEA normal Welsh team member 2009 and 2011 Welsh driving champion 2011 Talgarreg Double Fetch Trial 2010 - 4th Deerplay Final 2007 - 2008 - 2009 and was was 2nd in 2009 Vivod Champion 2008

Ben ISDS 237848

Rough Black & White, born 5 Apr 1998

Meg ISDS 211972

Smooth Black Tricolour, born 24 Jan 1994

Bonny ISDS 291478

Medium Black & White, born 23 Jun 2007

Jaf ISDS 231424

Medium Black & White, born 13 Apr 1997

Fairlea Reiver ISDS 261266

Rough Black Tricolour, born 10 Jun 2002

Rival's Sudden Blackout at Power Tripp FM


CEA DNA Normal through parentage, OFA Excellent, CERF Norm

Rival's Go Diego Go

OFA prelim "Good" Cerf clear DNA Normal by parentage

Rival's Score

AKC DL85216401 CBCA 145370 OFA Excellent Hips BCO- 4265E41F-PI DNA CEA Normal

Rival's Kesh

Black & White, born 10 Feb 2003, hips OFA-Good, CEA normal

Java RPT

ABCA 206869 OFA "Good" DNA CEA "Normal"

Rival's Jute

CBCA 112201 OFA Good Hips BCO- 4261G61F-PI