About this breeding...

 PWRTRIPP Grit x Kilt

Kilt had her puppies on March 1, 2020. They are doing very well in their chosen venues and as they mature will no doubt be very competitive. 

I've been blessed to have some pretty outstanding dogs come into my life. For me, 'outstanding' isn't referring to training/trialing accomplishments but more so in the sense that they encompass everything that I've come to know, love and expect from a Border Collie. These two dogs can hardly be faulted. They are unique individuals but they really do check pretty much all the boxes that I require for a dog/bitch to be considered for breeding. 

Kilt has heart. That's the first thing I think of when I am asked to describe her. She's soulful, thoughtful but still has a very intense view on competing and gives it her all when she does! She's a powerful girl in a medium size package weighing in around 33 lbs and standing approx. 19" tall. 

Kilt is OFA Excellent, elbows/shoulders normal, DNA CEA and EAOD Carrier, MDR1/DM/ICL/TNS/IGS/NCL normal, BAER Normal

 Grit is a special dog to me...probably one of the nicest dogs I've bred in a while. He's got a fabulous demeanor, knows no strangers, great with other dogs and animals. Being a Proof kid he's quick dive in head first and fast. He's game for anything, anytime! Grit has proven his skills on sheep as best he can given he has me as a green handler but we plugging away and one day my goal is to be on the trial field with him. 

Grit is DNA normal for full breed panel including EAOD with the exception of being a TNS/SN Carrier. He is also BAER Normal, OFA Excellent with normal shoulders and elbows. 

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