About Frazzle...

Imp. Frazzle FDA
AKA: 'Frazzle', Frazz, Frazzle Dazzle
DOB: April 10, 2009
OFA Good
18" tall and 24lbs
WBCS registraion #811

Frazzle came to us from England on December 18, 2012. After we had done some searching for a female working bred Bearded Collie pup we were offered the chance to buy Frazz.  The fact that we were able to take on a dog that was already proven in Flyball made it impossible to pass up the chance.  The added bonus is how absolutely sweet natured she is and that she is totally confident without being to pushy.  We are looking forward to getting her started in racing as well as doing some Agility training.  Frazzle already holds the Advanced title in the British Flyball Association! 

Click here to see Frazzle running at her first Flyball practice in the US, only 4 days after arriving from the UK!

Frazzle is purebred Bearded Collie and will be the foundation for our Working Bearded Collie breeding program.

Frazzle is co owned with our good friend Dawn Dorazio.  Frazzle gave us three lovely litters and is now retired from breeding.


Frazzles Pedigree...

Imp. Frazzle FDA


WBCS 811, OFA Good

Smith's Sky

Blue Merle Tri

Merton Fern (R.Smith)

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