Border Collie Information

Border Collies are a versatile, active, intelligent breed that requires mental as well as physical stimulation to be kept happy and content.  They are also a generally healthy, long lived breed with few genetic problems.  Please take your time to follow the links provided and learn as much as you can about the Border Collie. 

Border Collies can and will do just about anything you ask of them so the hardest part is deciding WHAT to do.  There are an endless number of dog sports out there that you can enjoy together:
Flyball, Agility, Obedience, Rally Obedience, Disc Dog (aka Frisbee!) Dock Dogs, Therapy Work, Canine Freestyle and of course Herding.  Then there is also the need to keep your dog happy and stimulated while at home!  Click here for some ideas on things to do when mother nature keeps you inside!

Border Collie Health

Before buying any dog you need to educate yourself on the potential health problems of the breed.  Although Border Collies are generally a long lived, healthy dog they do have some genetic disorders that can effect them.  When interviewing a breeder always ask what health tests and certifications their dogs have had done. Some of these are far less common than others but all are something that breeders/potential owners need to be aware of.   

Collie Eye Anomaly, Hip Dysplasia, Trapped Neutrophil Syndrome, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Epilepsy, Deafness,
Sensory Neuropathy (NEW), MDR1 Resistance Gene, Early Onset Adult Deafness

Learn more about poylgenic inheritance in dogs.

Border Collies are known to work until they reach exhaustion.  This is commonly referred to as "collie wobbles".  But recent studies have shown that there is a more serious condition that may present itself in a way that resembles heat stroke.  Click to find out more about Exercise Induced Collapse

Border Collies come in Colors  

Click here to read more about the variety of coat colors in BC's courtesy of 
Bryning Border Collies