About Imp. Fresh

Imp. Fresh AD
DOB: June 17, 2016
AKA: 'Fresh', Freshie
OFA Good/Elbows Normal, DNA CEA/DM/MDR1/IGS/TNS/SN/PL Normal, CERF Normal

When the opportunity arose to own a bitch sired by Kevin Evans Mirk I just couldn't turn it down.  Turns out the decision was a great one!  This girl is spunky, sweet and full of Border Collie style. Fresh gives us a FRESH start with some new bloodlines to move forward in our breeding program.  Fresh competes in Agility but is also working on some sheep from time to time. She's a breeze to have in the house and likes to make herself cozy on the back of furniture like a cat. Fresh has confidence without being a cocky dog and hasn't got any hang ups or sensitivities ...except the garbage truck which she feels is most certainly coming once a week to eat her bones! Luckily her big sister Lydia protects her!
Fresh is ISDS, ABCA and AKC registered. 
Fresh is co owned with my good friend Angela Dotson.   


Imp. Fresh ISDS 345928


ISDS 345928/ABCA 440788/AKC DN49798601 OFA Good, Elbows/shoulders normal DNA normal for full breed panel

Int. Supreme Champ Mirk ISDS 272009


CEA DNA Normal, CERF normal, Hip Score : 21

International Supreme Champion 2008 2008 and 2011 World Trial Finalist 2011 World Trial 6th placing in Final 2010 Champion Selattyn Double Fetch Final 2009 International Qualification - 16th 2009 Welsh National 2009 - 12th 2009 Victor Ludorum (South Wales) - 7th= 2008 Welsh National - 4th 2007 Welsh National - 3rd

Jaff (D.J.M.Evans) 231424

Vic (ISDS 214578)

Bill (ISDS 194117)

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Maddie (ISDS 212573)

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Kemi Gypsy (L.Myatt) 262209

Mac (ISDS 254267)

Mac (ISDS 187805)

Jet (ISDS 211776)

Lass (ISDS 238963)

Ben (ISDS 185466)

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Choc (ISDS 312120)


Craig (ISDS 254411)

Int Sup Ch Star (ISDS 211076)

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Sweep (ISDS 277391)

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