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Rhosfa Cap x Imp. Fresh


DOB: November 4, 2020

On Wednesday, November 4, 2020 we welcomed one very special pup into the world. Cake, as she is now known, was born via C-section, despite the best efforts of Fresh trying to deliver naturally. Needless to say, given the efforts gone into baking this Cake, and with her being the only pup from our efforts, she is truly a sweet reward! An absolutely perfect, classically marked girl...but as we are seeing as she grows, also very spicy! Cake walks around like she already owns the world. Her body so far is to DIE FOR and she is so well balanced! Cake got several good lessons under her belt on sheep with Gordon Watt and showed lots of promise on sheep but overall, she isn't quite what I'm looking for when it comes to breeding. That said, her owner, Val Adolf, is trying out a few different venues until they find one they enjoy the most together. 

***Cake is spayed. 


About her sire: David describes Cap as an openly friendly dog who greets everyone with a tail wag. His temperament is unflappable and he is without sensitivities or fears, gets on perfectly with other dogs, puppies and other animals alike. He is a big out runner with loads of quiet power. At over 8 years old, Cap is still healthy and sound and keen to work. He is a well proven sire and has passed his wonderful qualities onto his offspring over the years.

Cap's hips are 3:5 and he is DNA Normal for CEA/TNS/SN/IGS/MDRI/NCL and a carrier for EAOD

Video of Cap





Rhosfa Cap (ISDS 321721)


David Rees Hips 3:5, CEA DNA Normal CEA/TNS/IGS/MDRI/NCL/SN

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B J Smith

Eli (ISDS 263758)

Master B Gwiliym

Meg (ISDS 283675)


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##Cap ISDS 270159

Michael Gallagher

Cap ISDS 213154

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Fly ISDS 236165

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Maggie (ISDS 292929)


C McCloskey

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C McCloskey

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C McCloskey

Imp. Fresh ISDS 345928


ISDS 345928/ABCA 440788/AKC DN49798601 OFA Good, Elbows/shoulders normal DNA normal for full breed panel

Int. Supreme Champ Mirk ISDS 272009


CEA DNA Normal, CERF normal, Hip Score : 21

International Supreme Champion 2008 2008 and 2011 World Trial Finalist 2011 World Trial 6th placing in Final 2010 Champion Selattyn Double Fetch Final 2009 International Qualification - 16th 2009 Welsh National 2009 - 12th 2009 Victor Ludorum (South Wales) - 7th= 2008 Welsh National - 4th 2007 Welsh National - 3rd

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