About this litter...

Diggs x Imp. Nan

Nan had EIGHT bambinos on Tuesday, January 5th! There are 5 girls and 3 boys.

Nan arrived, already bred, from my friend Giovanni Canopoli at Blacksheep Border Collies in Italy. Diggs/Mini is a dog that I've admired for some time. She is a lovely little girl with a sweet disposition and easy to live with personality. She was lightly started on sheep when she arrived here but has since taken up being a full-time companion to our friend's son, Austin, attending soccer games and being part of his day-to-day life. 

Diggs himself is a happy, kind and talented boy. He placed 6th out of 150 dogs in the 2016 European Open. A friendly and outgoing dog that hasn't met a stranger he is also a very fluid mover and has a wonderful way with his sheep that keeps them very calm and moving steady without fluster. 

***This litter will be spayed and neutered due to one of the males, Cash, having seizures in the Fall of 2023.  




Sixx, owned and loved by Shelley Henry

Lint Roller, owned and loved by Kim Russell

Pootie, owned and loved by Babz Mahony

Wheelie, owned and loved by Dianne Morey

Pez, owned and loved by Georgette Vachon

Lulu, owned and loved by Marjorie Paterson

Lager, owned and loved by Jeri Piercy

Cash, owned and loved by Sue Conrow