Meet our family...

 A little bit about our family...

By Kim: My love of dogs started before I was even able to speak.  Looking back on all the childhood memorabilia that was saved over the years, almost everything is related to animals, but mostly to dogs.  Crayon drawings, sketches, paintings, stories and so on.  "What do you want to be when you grow up?" was always answered with "A Veterinarian"...well I was certainly not an honor roll student and never became a Vet, but my passion for dogs brought me down a path that is just as fulfilling.  I started my own "business" of walking neighborhood dogs when I was about 10 years old and went on to be a volunteer at the local SPCA for many years.  I wasn't allowed to have my own dog while still living at home, but I vowed that that would be the first thing I did when I moved out.  Along came Oscar in 1996.  Oscar took me on many adventures and taught me so much.  He was the first dog that I ever competed with, and we did everything from Obedience to Flyball to Agility to Disc Dog and so much more!  

Since then, I've lived with multiple dogs of multiple breeds but have devoted myself to breeding, raising and training Border Collies.

I have had the pleasure of being encouraged, educated, supported and most of all inspired by so many wonderful people along the way. These people were willing to share information that could only be acquired by the life experiences they have had, and for that I am forever grateful. I consider every day a learning experience.  It is always an honor to have the chance to experience the birth of a litter of puppies that have been so carefully planned for. All of the lessons that the dogs have taught me...and continue to teach me every day... is what makes me feel fulfilled.  

I have also been blessed with a great guy who is almost as passionate about dogs and animals as I am but in the very least supports MY passion and puts up with living amongst quite a few furry family members!  My husband Peter and I met through Frisbee competitions and had known each other as friends for a couple of years before we actually got together.  Peter got started with his first dog, an Australian Shepherd named Bella in 2002 and a second one, Aida, one year later. Since we have been together, he has embraced the crazy world of dogs and is now handling the girls of the house in various sports. We have competed in Flyball, Frisbee (Disc Dog), Dock Dogs, Obedience and a little bit of Agility!  In 2012 we welcomed our son, Braeden, into the world and he has been lucky enough to be enriched by sharing his world with our animals as well.

On top of the dogs, we have a small hobby farm that has allowed me the pleasure to keep sheep and begin to learn more and more about training real sheepdogs! And not to be forgotten our indoor resident cats, Catrick Swayze our naked Sphynx and Smitten the BC cat with the loudest purr known to catkind. We have some really great barn cats as well named Bones, Spy and Happy Cat who are bound to greet you when you visit.  

We are glad you took the time to get to know us... and we hope to get to know you better too!  We love having guests to our home and welcome you to come and meet the dogs in person anytime. Thanks for visiting our site! 

Kim, Peter and Braeden Russell