About Kilt...

Imp. Kilt, Elite Big Air Dog CGC RATN

AKA: 'Kilt', Guilty Kilty, Kilters

OFA Excellent, Elbows/shoulders normal, BAER Normal

DOB: September 27, 2016

Kilt is a wonderful girl with a lovely body and a to die for temperament.  She's one of those 'unflappable' dogs who isn't phased by sound, sights, kids or other animals.  She's sweet natured to the core without a mean bone in her body. When I brought her home as a puppy she was the most pliable, bendy, snuggly pup I'd had since Tripp. She was MORE than happy to have me flip her upside down in my arms and cozy into the couch for an evening. Fast forward to the present and Kilt  is very talented at dock jumping. In 2017 she qualified for the National Championship at only 9 months of age! At Nationals she placed 5th! In 2018 at 18 months old Kilt qualified to compete at the DockDogs World Championships. She has been invited to compete at the world champinoships every year since! Kilt is the perfect combination of eagerness and drive, but she has an off switch and a soft side that comes out when the game is over. 


Kilt is ISDS, ABCA and AKC registered

Kilt is co owned and loved by Victoria Craig in London, ON 



ISDS 347630/CBCA 14738/ABCA 445700/AKC DN51677501 OFA Excellent, Elbows/shoulders normal, CEA Carrier, DM/IGS/MDR1/NCL/TNS normal

Taff ISDS 326074

  1. Doherty, Argyll and Bute

Cap 00/309993

D D Campbell

Cap 270159

J M Gallagher 2010 Int. Supreme Ch 2011 World Ch 3rd, IntSu 4th

Cap 213154

R Dalziel 1998 Int. Supreme 2nd, S. Nat 2nd

Fly 236165

Glencregg Bess 289413

A P Gallagher

Bill 252806

A P Gallagher 2008 World SF 1st, Ch 5th

Becca 264339

J P McGee 2011 WorldSF 1st, Ch 5th

Nell 00/292896

D D Campbell

Rock 275437

J K Kennedy

Garry 237356

E Campbell

Gwen 236395

D J Deptford

Nell 280821

R M Munro

Cap 270159

J M Gallagher 2010 Int. Supreme Ch 2011 World Ch 3rd, IntSu 4th

Dot 259783

R M Munro

Nell ISDS 333925

L G Dickson, Scalpsie Farm, Isle of Bute

Joe 272330

R Dalziel 2006 Int Supreme Ch 2011 S. Team 1st, E. Br 1st

Meg 249302

D T Evans

Diona 287396

K Piert

Lad 226304

Herr H L Ludwig

Amber 284098

Ms. K Piert

Kite 00/325501

L.M Gast

Wenndale Roy 274138

R J Hutchinson 2011 IntBr 1st 2010 IntBr 1st, E.Br 1st

Bill 256353

R E Briggs

Homeland Jan 00/293426

R J Hutchinson

Moss 257186

F R Noble 2005 E. Nat 2nd

Dot 255288

F R Noble