Imp. Jpot Jock x Imp. Bluemoon Classic

Classic had her pups on August 30, 2023. She started the whelping off by sending the six girls out first (I really thought were going to have a HUGE all girl litter) and then along came the two boys to make a grand total of eight puppies!

This litter was so much fun and an absolute joy to raise. They were so even across the board in terms of temperament, size and drives. They were a very quiet and content group of pups which made having them here very easy and I was actually a little sad to see them leave at 8 weeks! 

While on the search for another dog to breed Classic to, a friend pointed me towards Jock. On paper everything looked really good and I was excited to meet him in person. When it came time for the breeding to take place, Jock's owner, Tammy, was gracious enough to let him come and stay with us for a couple of weeks. It was at that point that became totally smitten. Jock came into our home like he had always been here. He got on well with all of the other dogs, including random boarding dogs, loved my kid, worked with me on the sheep, joined us at the swimming pool and showed how bombproof he was when he showed no reaction whatsoever to the fourth of July celebrations around us. With Classic's similar views on life, these pups are bound to be able to take on the world fearlessly and eagerly. 

Introducing the “Action Pups”! 

Sabine, owned and loved by Tony Sulita

Zest, owned and loved by Natasha Osborne

Ceilidh, owned and loved by Jane Cardillo

Osa, owned and loved by Laura Bush

Fly, owned and loved by Lindsey Cooper

Zinnia, owned and loved by Kira Wong

Titch, co owned and loved with Victoria Craig and Rick Dekoninck

Vintage, co-owned and loved with Laura Campbell