Little Matt x Imp. Classic 

Classis has been bred to Matt for her third and final litter. I've had my eye on this boy since he was a younger pup. His look and style is right up my alley and when I started inquiring with Mary about his personality and temperament, I just knew I'd be using him some day, so here we are. Matt has pups training and competing in just about every venue out there and many are showing exceptional talent along with his lovely attitude towards life.  

Classics first two litters are outstanding to say the least. I personally own one from each litter and could not be happier but the same holds true for all of the other pups as well.  Classic's ultrasound is scheduled for May 14 th. 

This litter is fully reserved. 

Little Matt (CBCA 16779)


OFA Good, Shoulders/Elbows Normal, BAER Normal, CAER Normal, Cardiac Normal, DNA normal for full OS Panel

Mitch (CBCA 13082)


Owned by Randy Dye

Cs Ross (CBCA 10556)


Owned by Randy Dye PC Kristi Oikawa

Ty (ABCA 365926) [Usa]

Owned by Shannon Fitz

Cs Gwen (CBCA 7389) [Can]

Owned by Chris Jobe

Grants Brook (CBCA 11118)

Owned by Paulie Hondl

Cws Ky (CBCA 9143) [Can]

Owned by Chris and Wendy Schmaltz

Belle (ABCA 325208)

Owned by Don Grant

Jb Bonnie (CBCA 11583)


OFA Good Owned by Bev and Norm Sommer

Jb Ice (CBCA 4523)

Owned by Jill Brodie

Sweep (CBCA 4518)

Owned by Jill Brodie

Bess (CBCA 110233)

Owned by Jill Brodie

Jb Oban (CBCA 8045)

Owned by Jill Brodie

Tic (CBCA 5706)

Owned by Mary Minor

Brynjac Lexi (CBCA 6079)

Owned by Bev Sommer

Seemework Key SKK REGV1106/2008


HD-A, CEA/IGS Normal

Int. Sup Ch Joe ISDS 272330


HD-A, CEA normal International Supreme Champion 2006 Scottish National Champion 2009 and 2011 2010 Royal Welsh Show 'Champion of Champions' winner

Meg (ISDS 249302)

Crisp (N14234) Swe


Bluemoon Gael

ABCA/ISDS OFA Excellent, Elbows/Shoulders/Spine normal CEA, TNS, IGS, DM, CL MDR1, CLNC1, PLL, SN Glaucoma & Raines

Bond ABCA 361442


DNA CL,TNS, SN Normal, CEA Carrier, Hips AVA 3 = OFA Excellent/International A1 Elbows normal, 535mm/21"tall

Alvaglen Tuffy AWBC 0446


Smooth B/W

Woolly's Gracie ABCA 435212



Biralee Sonny AWBC 0411

Woolly's Jan 2nd AWBC 0337