About Brynn...

Rivals Joke's On U RPT, FDCh-G
AKA: Brynn
DOB: April 1, 2005 
CERF clear,
OFA Good and Optigen CEA normal by parentage

Brynn comes from
Rival Kennels of Palmerston, ON.  She has a wonderful pedigree full working sheepdogs and proven performance dogs.  Brynn is a beautiful little girl with a confident and outgoing temperment.  She has a funny way of greeting people with a full "smile", showing her teeth and wiggling her butt.  Brynn runs flyball on Positive Pups/Rocket Relay and is running sub 4's with ease.   Brynn stands about 18" tall and weighs 30 lbs.  She's a smaller dog but packs a lot of power! 

Brynn's biggest physical fault is her lack of length in the neck.  She is also slightly cow hocked in the rear. Brynn is a sweetheart with people but can be a bit 'bitchy' with other dogs who come into her space...she never fights but feels no way about expressing her dislike with a strong glance and not so friendly smile.  So far all of her offspring is doing well in their chosen sports and are healthy overall.

Brynn is co owned by Arisa Babiuk of Brampton, ON.   

Photos of Brynn


Rival's Joke's On U RPT, FDCh-G

AKC DN10675207 CBCA B5000405 OFA Good Hips BCO-6995G28F-PI OFA Normal Elbows BCO-EL1249F28-PI

ONYX Rival's NRG

AKC DL884530/01 OVC Clear, CERF clear

Brighteye Foreign Exchange

AKC DL78243002 OFA Excellent Hips BCO- 3708E24M-PI

Ch. Darkwind's Ship to Shoreland

AKC DL67982503 OFA Good Hips BCO- 2919G26M-T CERF Normal BCO-1634 (Tested 1999)

Ch Borderbreeze Barnstormer from Darkwind

Darkmind Jessica the Newz Maker

Ch. Brighteye Silver Pearl

AKC DL69830101 OFA Good Hips BCO- 3020G24F-T CERF Normal BCO-1479 (Last tested 2002)

Ch Borderbreeze Barnstormer from Darkwind

OTCH CH Brighteye Quicksilver

Rival's Score

AKC DL85216401 CBCA 145370 OFA Excellent Hips BCO- 4265E41F-PI DNA CEA Normal

# Nap

ABC 54736 ISDS 188631 CBCA 3187


ABCA 1778


ABC 11536

Bell's Jade FBCH, Can CD

AIBC 105743 Owner: Margaret Lambkin Black/white

Imp. Jake

ISDA 173604

Imp. Katy

ISDS 166519

Rival's Nakita

AKC DN05039402 CBCA 2713

Java RPT

ABCA 206869 OFA "Good" DNA CEA "Normal"


Michael Bourke

Roy (ABC 26411) [Usa]

Tess (ABC 30485) [Usa]


By Jeanne Weaver

Ben (ISDS 198873)

Black Tricolour, born 22 Nov 1991

Trim (ABC 24984)

Black & White, born 25 Jan 1989, hips OFA-Excellent

Rival's Jute

CBCA 112201 OFA Good Hips BCO- 4261G61F-PI

OTCH Boscoe FBCH, Am. CD, Bda. CDX

ABC 9543 Owner: Margaret Lambkin Black/white

Imp Scot

ABC 7522


AIBC 63177

Bell's Jade FBCH, Can CD

AIBC 105743 Owner: Margaret Lambkin Black/white

Imp. Jake

ISDA 173604

Imp. Katy

ISDS 166519